Upset Experience

The story I'm going to tell is yours.

It happened about two months ago. The citizens of the world could no longer support this life full of inequality. A life too just for some and unfair for others, that life where peace is nonexistent. Every day, in every country of the world, people protested. A company better known as HSE proposed its assistance to the various leaders of the countries to restore order in the world. This independent company experiments on human behaviour and specializes in the creation of advanced technologies. The idea of the founder of the HSE was to mix modern life with old times. He said that there were qualities and defects in modern life and that this was also the case before. He believes that by mixing the mentality and lifestyles of these times, we could evolve and integrate peace into our society.

It will obviously not be listened to, which will desperately offend the founder of the HSE, invaded by both sadness and hatred. He will respond anonymously with these words: "You, leaders of the world. You think you know everything, but if there’s one thing you can’t buy, it’s knowledge. Then your wealth does not make you superior to peoples. You make everyone believe that the people have a say but in truth you totally ignore its opinion and also that of the companies you do not control. We want peace, but we want peace when you are led by evil. You, the leaders of the countries, I promise you that I will avenge myself and bring peace to this world, no matter what. This speech was mocked by the people and by the leaders, which angered the founder of the HSE even more.

Two days later, around 4:00 a.m in the morning. You are drawn from your sleep by the warning signal to the people: war is declared. You pull yourself out of bed, dress, and then join the information center to receive orders from your superior, Lieutenant Crow. He announces that the generals ordered him to take refuge with a handful of soldiers in the bunkers reserved for the military in the event of a disaster and all without asking any questions.

Five days went by while you were in the bunkers. Day after day, information about this disaster is getting worse and worse. This disaster is promising to be the most devastating of all. There is not a time when your thoughts don’t fly to your family or friends. You have this lack in you, which gnaws at you day by day, but your ill-being will not stop there. The next day, a huge sound blows from the surface. The lieutenant, collapsed, announces to the soldiers that TSAR bombs have exploded in several places around the world.

After this striking news from the lieutenant, you and the other soldiers are shocked, both sad and confused. You have just learned that you will never see your family and friends again.

In bunker 14, Lieutenant James Crow is in charge of directing the troops. But other armies in different parts of the world have also been ordered to take refuge in bunkers. Our bunker is well organized, but the lack of food and the perpetual isolation have an even greater impact on men’s morale. The lieutenants who manage the bunkers, under the orders of their generals, ask for more information about the outcome of this war. In this way, they hope to achieve positive results in order to raise the morale of their troops. The first lieutenant to be informed is Lieutenant James Crow. Unfortunately, the population has been decimated at 98% and the land affected is 95% by radiation. Such a devastating record that Lieutenant Crow refrained from sharing it with soldiers.

A few days after this discovery, Lieutenant Crow decided to explore with a few soldiers to try to obtain food or other objects that might be useful for the survival of the men in the bunker.

During his exploration mission, Lieutenant Crow sighted a military bunker. However, this bunker does not belong to an army but to the HSE. He sees the soldiers of the generals protect the entrance to the bunker. To his surprise, these soldiers are not equipped with guns but with the same weapons described in the books found a few days before. Why would the soldiers of the generals protect the entrance to the bunker of the HSE? The same company that threatened to take revenge on all the leaders.

A week after this strange discovery, the lieutenant announces to his men that they will make another expedition with the lieutenants of the other bunkers. But what they don’t know is that an unexpected event will upset this expedition. The purpose of this mission will be to infiltrate the HSE bunker. Unfortunately, during the infiltration the lieutenants and soldiers are captured by the soldiers of the generals. The generals then sent a video message of Lieutenant Crow and some tortured soldiers. They want to know why the lieutenant infiltrated soldiers inside their bunker without authorization. They demand that all the men who were under the command of the captured lieutenants surrender or the hostages will find death. At this point, soldiers of all bunkers understand that generals have something to hide.

All sub-lieutenants immediately replace their captured lieutenants. We must not give in to panic within the bunkers. In Bunker 14, Lieutenant Brandon Kyle replaces Lieutenant Crow. He knows very well that he cannot replace it because Lieutenant Crow was the only glimmer of hope of all these soldiers, he always said "together we will build a new life". Now that he is being held hostage, the morale of the troops is at an all-time low. Many of the men in bunker 14 wanted to surrender; they say that after all, they have nothing to lose. Second Lieutenant Brandon Kyle reflected on what Lieutenant Crow had taught him; he would never have wanted his men to give up. But how can we keep men who have no reason to live...

It is now three days since half the men of the bunkers went to the bunker of the HSE. No word from them, the atmosphere looks heavy. Suddenly in the middle of the night, the generals announce by radio that all the soldiers who surrendered were executed. Everyone is in shock. The soldiers were still hoping to see Lieutenant Crow and their comrades.

After this disastrous news, the sub-lieutenants decided to plan a contingency plan. We must first search every corner of the bunkers with every trace of new food or objects important for their surviving. During the search of bunker 14, second lieutenant Brandon Kyle finds a box that appears to be deliberately hidden behind a false wall. This little box seems to belong to Lieutenant Crow. It contains the strange books Lieutenant Crow had found before. But the greatest discovery is not these strange books but a map. This one leads to an archipelago in the middle of the Pacific. Behind the map, Lieutenant Crow described it as a way to start a new life, a life of peace. The archipelago would have apparently been protected from radiation. Second Lieutenant Brandon Kyle immediately communicated this fabulous discovery to the sub-lieutenants of the other bunkers.

You, Sub-Lieutenant Brandon Kyle and your comrades, as well as the soldiers of the other bunkers, head for the archipelago.

Brandon Kyle saw hope reborn in the eyes of these young soldiers.