Upset Experience - Press Kit

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Fact Sheet

Developer: Union Interactive, based in France

Release Date: 2019-2020

Platforms: PC

Price: 20-25 €

Availability: Téléchargement numérique

Languages: anglais,français


Upset Experience is a multiplayer survival game in the third person in a totally open world with crafts, construction, combat, exploration, vehicles, trade, land capture and arena combat. Survive against hunger, thirst, disease, but also against an army that will make your adventure more difficult. Live in a world where everything is upset. A world that you can control, set your rules and do what you think is right. Upset Experience is intended for all types of players including fans of PVP and PVE survival games.


Union Interactive is an independent game developer studio created in 2017 by two students aged 17 and 18. We are first and foremost a duo of passionate players. However, our dream is to design video games and express our creativity in this sector. Our team is slightly enlarged recently. We analyzed the survival games available on the market so as not to duplicate the same mistakes and thus create the perfect survival game. Upset Experience is our first project as an Interactive Union and as an independent developer, which means we are determined to impress and perfect our game, no matter what happens we will not give up. We have a beating mentality, giving up doesn’t exist in our vocabulary. And it is the union that exists in this group that today we can present to you Upset.

We want to create a gameplay that is both fun and difficult. But what we want most of all is to show you another side of survival games by plunging you into the universe of Upset Experience. A universe that has only one purpose the union. Many features of Upset Experience push players to communicate with each other, to help each other to evolve. Values that are too often overlooked in the survival games we see today, but we hope that Upset Experience will change that.